The health industry has a great advancement in the recent years. A lot of diseases have been recognized and treatments have been produced. However, in spite of the advancement in the medical and health field, it is very unfortunate to know that a lot of countries in the world have no access even to the basic health care.

For instance, how do you expect for people in some parts of Africa to be healthy and well when clean water is not even available for them? They will have to walk for several kilometers to get water, unclean at that, for them to be able to drink. Sad but true, but the basic health care is only available to those who can afford. This means that the vast majority in the people of the world would have to opt for other means.

More than the medical health care, the basic necessities such as food is not even available. Many families would have to resort to eating only once a day or even none while a lot of those who are fortunate enough to have food on their table are wasting food. According to statistics, hundreds of thousands of food are being thrown each day. If these foods are only given to those who are hungry, perhaps, no one in the world would go hungry.

There are also places in the world where doctors and other medical practitioners do not exist. You can say that in these places, there is no basic medical care. Kids are malnourished and would even die to diseases that are highly treatable. If there are doctors and other medical practitioners, what are lacking are the medical supplies. Now, how can they treat patients when even the basic medical supplies are not even available? Again, this sad reality is truly taking innocent lives that would have been spared if only medicines were only available.

The question now is what would you do to be able to contribute in helping people around the world for a basic health care, food and water? Even if you are in the other side of the world, you can surely help. All you need to do is to look for organizations that reach to the farthest places that need help. Your little help will surely make a difference to the lives of other people who are victims of poverty and circumstance.

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