12 Years a Slave

12 Years A Slave

Today on the 16th Feb 2014, as “12 Years a Slave” ( www.12yearsaslave.com ) won many awards at the British Academy Film Awards, it is estimated that 21 million people are still in slavery.

We think the true number is far higher if all forms of slavery are included.

Let not our ambivalence mean that this number continues for any longer.

Our intent is that within a generation slavery is truly gone, and all are free to claim their birthright.

We give thanks to those who came before and who dreamt, worked, struggled and stood for the freedoms we have now, that we can have these conversations and inquire into what it really means to be free and to serve all in the days and years ahead.

And as the latest fellow of BAFTA said so clearly – we must give thanks to the teachers who have inspired us and helped us become who we are.

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