Why Freedom ?
Why Freedom International NOW™ ?

People often ask why did we name the charity Freedom International NOW™.

There are three elements in the name:

  • NOW – We are committed to Making THE Difference NOW™ – not some time in the never ending infinite future. This is about making an impact now in the present day and ongoingly.
  • International – We have a global outlook – we believe that a solution should work for everyone with no one left out.
  • Freedom – This is the core value / descriptor which we see as missing, and the presence of which for people will make the most difference today and overtime.

So this leads to the question of “What is FREEDOM ?”.

Freedom seems to have many dimensions and nuances.

One key thing to note is that the ability to ask that question “What is FREEDOM?” and inquire into that question with out constraints or fear we think is a key element of Freedom.