Trustees and Governance

Freedom International NOW operates as a registered UK Charity and as such under all the UK regulations and guidelines. We do our best to keep up with, follow and influence best practice – especially in relation to integrity and transparency.

The Charity governance is supervised and managed by the Trustees, with the support of our active Strategic Advisory Groups, Ambassadors, Angels and Partners.


  • Dr K R Hedley Dr K. R. Hedley was clear from a young age that her calling was in health and medicine and helping people. She qualified and served a NHS G.P. for over 30 years. She was involved in G.P. Training for over 25 years and helped train directly over 30 new doctors during that time. She has helped support many philanthropic projects over her life.
  • Simon Hedley FCA

    Simon Hedley

    Simon is known to those who know him well as “The Strategic Alchemist” as he helps good people achieve incredible things. He spent a decade in finance and banking having qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and acting as a Structurer and Investment Manager for ABN Amro and RBS. He founded Psi Pi Group, The Simple Idea and The Joint Venture Company amongst other initiatives. His real passion has always been human potential and he has invested over two decades into researching what’s possible for human beings and humanity and investigating ways to optimise outcomes. He has consulted to and mentored entrepreneurs, businesses, and charities and supported their optimal outcomes through strategic planning and introductions. He is also an accomplished speaker and author.

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Strategic Advisory Groups:

Freedom International NOW is setting up Strategic Advisory Groups who can work interdependently and co-operatively to help us achieve our charitable goals. We include recognised experts and people who are committed to making the difference.

We have setup and support Strategic Advisory Groups focussing on:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Finance and Poverty
  • Integrity
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Technology

Help Us Help More People

We are very open to people who want to help us help more people.

Please contact us if you have suggestions of people who could support our Strategic Advisory Groups, our Trustees or would like to explore participating and joining us.