Poverty – How can you help?

Poverty: How Can You Help?

Poverty is the most common problem in most of the countries today. In fact, even the United States of America, a very powerful nation, faces the same dilemma. While poverty is more prevalent in the third-world countries, we cannot deny the fact that the vast marginalized sector are often not given the help that they need. However, we also cannot discount the fact that the poverty-inflicted population may have contributed to their situation.

Cases of poverty vary depending on the situation they are in. There are those who are inflicted with it because of natural calamities and they are thriving hard to fight poverty.

For instance, the victims of the typhoon Haiyan; because of the typhoon, a lot of them were displaced. In fact, even the rich have lost their fortunes and can no longer give employment to the other people who depended on them. You can expect that when people are getting back up, they needed help in their everyday living. They need food, clothing and shelter.

On the other hand, there are also those who are born in poverty. It is sad to say that there are people who are blaming their parents for being poor and just because they were born poor, they can no longer do anything about it. All they do is complain and rely on the help from others.

There are also those who blame the government for being poor. Well, this can sometimes be true at some point especially for those countries where corruption is at sky-high.

Lastly, there are those who are victims of circumstances; for example, economic turmoil, job loss and many others.

Given the examples above, the question now is what can you do to help alleviate this problem? Will you be willing to lend a helping hand or will you continue to live your life just as it is? After all, you are not in the situation and why would you even care?

There can be many ways for you to help. One of the ways would be to teach those who are in poverty to actually work for their living. It’s like teaching them how to fish instead of giving them the fish. By teaching them how to provide for themselves, the good and decent way, they are able to change their lives for the better. Besides that, this is a more sustainable approach to alleviate the situation.

On the other hand, you can also donate to different sectors that have continuous programs in addressing poverty. What makes this a better way is the fact that by adding up all the help received, many people can benefit from it.

Yes, it is true that you are free not to care. However, as a citizen of the world, you would want to make a difference. Remember, you will only live once, so why not make a difference and be a catalyst of change. This doesn’t mean that you help everybody. In fact, even if you are only helping one person, this is a great thing already.

Now think again, how can you help fight poverty?

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