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Global Changes 2016

We are living in interesting and potentially very globally positive times. We are doing all we can to help with global optimisation and also helping people directly here in the UK and around the world. What is exciting is that more than ever before we are observing people interested and committed to more of what we […]


Education They say that education can bring you to places and will help you achieve your dreams. This is the reason why those who are educated are more likely to succeed than those that are not educated. Although the success of a person is not entirely reliant to education, still, there is a big difference […]


Health The health industry has a great advancement in the recent years. A lot of diseases have been recognized and treatments have been produced. However, in spite of the advancement in the medical and health field, it is very unfortunate to know that a lot of countries in the world have no access even to […]

Poverty – How can you help?

Poverty: How Can You Help? Poverty is the most common problem in most of the countries today. In fact, even the United States of America, a very powerful nation, faces the same dilemma. While poverty is more prevalent in the third-world countries, we cannot deny the fact that the vast marginalized sector are often not […]

Can any of us be free if any of us are not?

This is a question we’ve been inquiring into over the last few days. We live in incredible times. However, can any of us be truly free though when there are still those who are not. In recent days there have been incredible truths revealed at the local, national and international level. So, are we free […]

12 Years A Slave

Today on the 16th Feb 2014, as “12 Years a Slave” ( www.12yearsaslave.com ) won many awards at the British Academy Film Awards, it is estimated that 21 million people are still in slavery. We think the true number is far higher if all forms of slavery are included. Let not our ambivalence mean that this number […]

New website launched

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website www.FreedomInternationalNow.com Working with our partners globally in 2013, we passed certain mile markers which enables us to now announce and release the next phase of our strategic plan. We are very excited about the future and would love you to participate in shaping it […]