Global Changes 2016

We are living in interesting and potentially very globally positive times.

We are doing all we can to help with global optimisation and also helping people directly here in the UK and around the world.

What is exciting is that more than ever before we are observing people interested and committed to more of what we think really matters.

In the next few months, there is a major US election with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton currently being the two primary candidates expecting to become president, following on the presidency of Barack Obama.

The largest corporations in modern human history – in terms of capital, revenues and global reach – have announced their planned deliverables for the next few months – including Tim Cook at Apple with their new Macbook Pros, Microsoft with their Surface Studio, and Elon Musk at Tesla with their Solar Roof cells and so much more.

There have also been some very interesting movies which point very clearly at things that we need to address for us all to be free – e.g. I, Daniel Blake and Before The Flood and many more..

What has been interesting is to watch people start to ask better questions and we’re proud to be supporting that through a new course called which has been launched and which we are supporting as part of our objective to advance education.

As they say.. it doesn’t matter what the answers are if people are asking the wrong questions.

We are also looking forward to the upcoming Global Entrepreneur Week and the next Sharing Our Solutions ( ) showcase

We want to thank all those groups, companies and individuals who are actively looking at what we can all do to make the difference.

We are doing all we can, please join and us do what you can too.

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